The Apic-story

We all love food, and when we go out we want the experience to be epic - an indulgence that brings to life our taste buds in ways the rest of the world can only dream of. But where does this extraordinary journey begin? In most cases it all starts with a food menu - a list that can run to the tune of hundreds of items for you to choose from.

So Yes! That simple menu can turn out to be the impediment to an enjoyable meal, snack or drink. It begs the question - would you rather be intimidated and confused by the endless text on a menu or would you prefer to see food photos from the menu?

Regardless of your preference (dining out or ordering while at home) apicfood simplifies the process of looking at a menu by bringing to life those items so you may visualize how your plate will look like.

We (humans) are visual animals, and at apicfood we remove the clutter of words that complicates the menu to give you a simple choice through visualizing what comes out of the kitchen beforehand.

Since you are not worrying about the complexity of food making but yearning to see how your serving will look like, we redefine your wait for food by bringing the visual contrasts to you through the web and our app.

You don't need to wait until the food comes out of the kitchen. As the different ingredients coalesce in the kitchen to bring to life that mouth-watering dish, our visuals give you a front row seat - think the trailer of an epic movie - showcasing what to expect.

So if you're a fan of good food and regardless of your favourite restaurant, there's no better place to see what you get before it is served than atapicfood.comor on our app which is available onAndroidandiOS.

Grab a front row seat with our epic food pictures and prep your palate.

For us at apicfood, our food photos are worth a thousand appetites.

How it all started - a picture of food

apicfood's founder Muhammad Yahya, a lover of food and outlandish treats, grew up savouring some of the finest South East Asian dishes prepped by his mother. As an immigrant yearning for the same experience (albeit exotic) whenever he would go out, he grew increasingly frustrated by what he was served versus what he had internally visualized when placing the order.

Having chosen an item on the menu, he would clearly see in his mind how savoury the dish would look when served. In most instances it was not only disappointing, but was nowhere near his mental visualization.

And then the pandemic made things worse. Stuck in lockdown, it wasn't just about "I can't go to a restaurant near me" but the frustration that home deliveries didn't look anything near his expectation.

And even more frustrating was the fact that he couldn't answer a simple question like "What emotion can be evoked when I order chicken tikka?" Well, don't they all look different at every restaurant? Yes, you'll definitely relate if you've ever visited an Indian restaurant.

Being a software engineer, his penchant for solving problems (this is simply second nature to him) and simplifying processes came into play. Food pictures instead of a boring text menu? And boom! apicfood.

Naming the business was a no-brainer. While he may have thought of something fancy or magical sounding, he also chose to be practical. All he wanted was a real picture of the food before it was served, and so apicfood was born.

And thanks to Yahya's frustration, now you get what you see and even more - no more surprises.