Banana bread sandwich

Banana bread sandwich

Barbie Green

2 London Wall, Barbican, London EC2Y 5AU



⁣Our award winning Banana bread sandwich all starts with, you’ve guessed it, bananas. Each loaf is jam packed with 6 ripe bananas. This really is secret no 1.⁣ ​​ ⁣They must be perfectly ripe. And mashed gently with lots of chunks to keep the loaves moist and delicious. No fancy food processor needed or desired. Everything else comes second to the bananas being their best.⁣​ ⁣​​​​​​⁣Getting perfectly over ripe bananas takes some work. In the early days, we were ripening bananas absolutely everywhere. ​​​​​​​ On the tricycles, hanging from the gazebos, on every windowsill we could find. It was a full time job. We then bake the banana breads overnight and have them going out still warm with butter and honey every morning.⁣